How To Join

To officially get affiliated with the chapter, you need to either become a SPIE member or a OSA member. Official members can get elected as officers and also sent to the leadership conferences.


The student chapters of OSA and SPIE are represented by officers which we introduce here.

Alexander Knauss

Alex is an Optometry/Ophthalmotechnology and Vision Science (OOVS) student at the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena. His scientific interests are broad, ranging from optics to laser technology and its ophthalmic applications. In his spare time, he plays sports, makes music and likes to play board games. He holds the role as president of the OSA Student chapter.

Alex has the role of external communication and networking for the chapter.

Felix Wechsler

Felix is a photonics student at the FSU Jena. He’s currently working on his master thesis in the field of computational microscopy. His special interested are in the connection of optics and computer science. A lot of his work is currently done with the programming language Julia.

In the OSA chapter he is the treasurer and in the SPIE chapter he is the vice president

Felix is responsible for the IT infrastructure of the chapter.

Anna Fedotova

Anna is a PhD student in the Institute of Applied Physics. She is working in the field of nonlinear nano and quantum optics and developing nonlinear metasurfaces for entangled photon-pair generation. Apart from work, Anna likes playing boardgames, painting with watercolors and dancing Brazilian zouk.

Anna is the vice president of the OSA chapter and the secretary of the SPIE chapter.

In the chapter Anna is doing design and content for the social networks.